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Ready to Leave Your 9-5 for a 6-Figure Freelance Career?

 Imagine making $3,000 to $5,000 monthly, working from anywhere on your laptop using proven frameworks, strategies, and DFY templates.

Well, we can help turn this imagination into a reality in just 90 days.

We are diffferent

We don't sell courses here!

We’re an advanced freelance coaching program that has helped 2,324+ people to..

Become financially independent while working as a high-ticket freelancer remotely from the place they love.

Identify and learn high-income and in-demand skills that are relevant to their existing skillset and monetize them.

Make at least $3000 per month by serving clients across the globe using the skills learned from our program.

And the best part?
We can help you do the same.

Made $5.5k with just 2 clients
Bagged a $2.5k/month paying retainer client
She’s making $6000+ with just 3 clients
Billed over $12,000 in just 30 days with LLMP
She hit 7500 Euro in the first month with LLMP
Booked her first client for $3500/month
Landed a one-time $9650 and a monthly $3750 paying client
Landed a $4000/month paying client with LLMP
Started making $2500/month in just 3 months
Real Results, Real Earnings

Don’t just take our word for it, look at what our students have to say about our life-changing program

What WE DO

We help 9-5ers go from being an Employee to being their own Boss.

By becoming a high-income freelancer and creating their Laptop Lifestyle.

Location Freedom

We will teach you proven and in-demand digital skills that will let you provide online services to business owners across the globe while you travel or work from home! Everything will go online soon with the technology now. So leverage the time we live in.

Do What You Love

We will make sure that you follow your passion and work with businesses that align with your interest (Dream Clients). This way you will not feel burdened and will love what you do every single day.

Proven Strategies

We've developed, tried, and tested client acquisition and retention strategies that will help you land $1000+ paying clients faster than usual, and retain them for 3-12 months so you have dependable income. Best part? This can even be scaled into an agency structure later on! Therefore, no income cap!

Proven Roadmap

Here’s the proven roadmap to making $3k to $5k monthly in 90 days or less.

Mindset Training

We'll help you cultivate the right mindset for freelancing, including confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook.

Skills Training

We’ll equip you with the top in-demand skills like social media marketing, copywriting, content writing, sales, marketing, and more to help you succeed as a freelancer.

Business Set Up

Setting up your freelance business can seem daunting, but we'll break it down into manageable steps like building a portfolio, setting your rates, and establishing a professional online presence.

Find Clients

One of the biggest challenges freelancers face is finding clients. We'll show you proven strategies for finding and attracting high-quality clients willing to pay big bucks.

Close Clients

Once you've found potential clients, the next step is closing the deal. We'll teach you effective sales techniques to convince clients to choose you over the competition.

Get Results

The goal of freelancing is to deliver results for your clients, and we’ll teach you how to exceed client expectations and build long-term relationships that lead to ongoing work and referrals.


Is this program a perfect fit for you? Yes, if..

You have a growth mindset and are looking to build a profitable freelance career to replace your boring 9-5 job, but you need guidance.

You are seeking ways to learn how to make at least $3k to $5k per month as a full-time freelancer.

You're aiming to become a six-figure freelancer by offering these services: Content Writing, Copywriting, Graphic design, Social Media Marketing, Web design, Virtual Assistance, or Sales Funnels.

You're eager to learn insider strategies for attracting high-paying clients who appreciate your expertise and time.

You have basic English writing skills and a laptop with you.

And most importantly, you get to choose your own clients, work from the places you love, and become your own boss.

Does this resonate with you?
If YES, then..

Who can join this program?

Anyone who fit into these categories.

NOTE: We teach everything from scratch, so prior experience is not required.

Job Professionals

9-5 job doers or professionals who feel trapped in a job that doesn’t feel right.


Someone who is new to the online money-making scene and hungry to dive in, even if digital skills aren’t their forte yet.


Someone who is already freelancing but want to up their game, get bigger gigs, and attract high-paying clients frequently.


I'm Jet

Once an influencer turned into a 7-figure business coach, on a mission to help individuals caught in the 9-5 grind to transform into High Ticket Freelancers.

I have been a 2CC Award Winner, representing sales over $1,000,000

I have been freelancing for the last 7 years, scaled my agency successfully for 5 years.

I have trained 2342+ people to become high-income freelancers so far.

I have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Rhonda Swan and Bastiaan Slot.

And in my freetime I enjoy horseriding as a real Frisian girl.

Ready to become a high-income freelancer?
I can help.

Jet is a 2CC Award Winner.

This is awarded to ClickFunnels users who generate a verified MILLION DOLLARS in sales.

A High-Impact Network

Discover the power of community with Jet's signature programs designed to build high-income freelancers.

Going from an unsatisfactory job to high-ticket freelancing.

Jet's experience in business, marketing and branding for 7 Figure Businesses is unmatched.

Highly sought after Speaker

Book Jet for Your Next Event and see her inspire.

Highly Sought After Industry Voice

She is regularly seen at top events and magazines for her work.

highlight images of jet (leading Industry)

Jet is the go-to person when it comes to freelancing and digital marketing.

The top high-income and most
in-demand skills you’ll learn.

Master the in-demand skills that can turn your freelance dreams into reality.

Content Creation & Design

You will learn the techniques to create viral-worthy content that not only captivates audience attention but also helps to generate inbound leads. Along with designing eye-pleasing graphics.

Social Media Marketing

You will learn how to effectively manage and expand social media platforms while devising custom strategies for both brands and individuals. 


You will learn the secrets to crafting compelling content such as social media ad copy, email copy, landing page copy, and more. 

Website Development

You will learn how to build and optimize high-converting websites, ensuring seamless user experiences and enhanced online presence for your clients.


You will learn how to leverage the power of search engine optimization to boost online visibility of your client's websites to boost sales.

From the start, I did a 7 Days mindset challenge and the whole mindset has been the biggest change for me. I didn't expect to be so focused on my goals...

Your Wins Are Our Legacy.

Every student is a priority- because we know your journey is unique. With our custom plans, specialized experts and thriving community- you will never feel left behind!

Bonuses worth $$$$$+
If you enroll today, you get:

Master the in-demand skills that can turn your freelance dreams into reality.

Access to Skills Vault with XYZ amount of videos, regularly updated.
Premium ready to use worksheets and templates to help you implement what you learned.
5 weekly Q&A calls and 1 Masterclass by industry experts and Jet.
Exclusive 1:1 support for 90 days in a private chat with the coaches
Lifetime access to our training materials, community and discord channels.

We know you're wondering,
'What do you teach at the LLMP?'

Well, have a look at the modules that will help you become a high-ticket freelancer.


Welcome Module

7 lessons

- The Welcome Module will be your gateway to our course platform. You'll learn how our platform works, how to navigate it, and access all the resources you need.
- We'll guide you on how to book workshop calls with our experienced coaches and using our vibrant Discord community for networking and support. You'll also gain insights on how to attend coaching calls and participate in the inspiring mastermind sessions led by Jet, designed to boost your motivation and enthusiasm.
- This module is your introduction to our team, and you'll get to know our dedicated professionals who are here to support your journey. You'll gain a clear understanding of our roadmap to help you achieve a six-figure income.

Course Platform
Workshop Calls
Discord Community
Coaching Calls
Six Figures


8 lessons

- The Onboarding module will serve as the foundation for your journey in this program. Here you learn how to establish the ideal mindset necessary for success.
- We'll ensure you have the right tools and technology at your disposal to kickstart your freelancing career.
- You'll discover the principles of accountability, high-performance, and program kickoff, which will set the tone for your learning experience.

High- Performance


8 lessons

- The Launchpad module is all about building a strong personal brand and honing your skills.
- It's also a critical phase for defining your niche and crafting an effective pricing strategy.
- You will explore in-depth insights into the breakdown of skills, discover the power of your personal brand, create compelling service packages, and identify your unique superpower.

Skills Breakdown
Personal Brand


4 lessons

- Positioning is the key to success in freelancing, and this module will help you do that by providing strategic insights to establish your presence in the digital marketing realm.
- In this module, you'll learn how visuals, social media presence, and compelling proposals can help you stand out as a freelancer.
- This module is all about defining your unique value proposition and communicating it effectively to potential clients.

Social Media


6 lessons

- Conversion is the heart of any successful freelancing business, and this module is entirely dedicated to the art of sales.
- You will learn how to set appointments, conduct discovery calls, and overcome objections effectively.
- We strongly believe mastering the art of conversion is crucial for turning potential clients into paying customers, and this module will provide you with the skills and strategies to do just that.

Appointment Setting
Sales Call
Discovery Calls
Objection Handling

Lead Generation

7 lessons

- The Lead Generation module is dedicated to teaching you various strategies to attract high-ticket clients.
- You'll explore proven lead-generation tactics that 2,324+ of our students use to get clients. Including organic marketing, leveraging the power of social media, effective outreach techniques, and the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
- By the end of this module, you'll be well-equipped to fill your client pipeline with qualified leads.

Organic Marketing
Social Media

Client Flow

6 lessons

- In this module, you'll gain a deep understanding of the systems and processes involved when you acquire a client.
- This module includes onboarding procedures, managing the client lifecycle, generating reports, securely managing client passwords, and conducting audits to ensure client satisfaction.
- We will equip you with all the knowledge to make sure client interactions are streamlined and efficient from start to finish.

Client Cycle


3 lessons

- This module is all about maintaining self-promotion while providing ongoing services to your existing clients.
- Here you'll learn the importance of diversifying your client base, creating lead magnets to attract potential clients, optimizing your website and online presence.
- This module will empower you to continue attracting and engaging with clients while delivering top-notch services.

Lead Magnet


7 lessons

- The Bonus Module offers extra learnings exclusively for premium program students.
- It will cover essential topics such as tax considerations, accounting practices, maintaining discipline in your freelancing career, strategies for scaling your business, and guidance on building out your evergreen scalable packages further.
- This bonus content provides additional insights and tools to help you succeed as a freelancer and manage your business effectively.


Meet the experts you’ll be learning from.


Linda Drop

Operations Director
She is Jet's right hand; the director of operations for the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program. She has helped Jet to build a 7-figure business and supported over 100's of students to step into the online space. 

Other than that she is an expert in sales, and is actually running the sales department for the JVW Agency,  building genuine, strong sales teams for businesses worldwide. In her free time, she finds joy in spending time with my loved ones, doing daily workouts, and reading good books.

Victoria Catanese

Delivery Director
Responsible for ensuring our students fully embrace the laptop lifestyle while receiving the best content and program updates.

Apart from being an exceptional freelancer, she also runs a successful copywriting agency.

In her free time, she enjoys reading non-fiction, traveling, learning new languages, attending concerts, and helping others achieve their dreams.

Bianca Vogelaar

Head Coach
She is the head coach at LLMP, who assists other coaches in the chats and continuously updates and adds new resources to our programs.

Originally she is from the Netherlands, and she loves exploring different countries around the world.

Ideally, when she is not working in coworking spaces, you'll likely find her sipping a coconut on a beach or snorkeling with turtles.

Irene Capanpan

Success Coach
She’s a success coach at LLMP and has a deep passion for training and development.  Her experience in the corporate world ignited her enthusiasm for helping others grow, and now she helps students at LLMP to scale their freelance careers at godspeed.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, immersing herself in new cultures, and savoring local cuisines. Irene says traveling enriches her life with unique stories and flavors that she cherishes.

Tatiana Varela

Success Coach
She’s a dedicated freelance professional and a loving mom, who is passionate about self-development, wellness, and setting a positive example for her young daughter.

She helps students at LLMP to become the best version of themselves.With a love for cooking, she aims to explore international cuisine through her travels, bringing diverse culinary experiences to her teachings.

Adriana De Oliveira

Support & Tech Coach
With a background in Administration and experience, she decided to dive into new horizons, because she always believed that life was much more than just traveling on vacation.

In 2022, she took a bold step and left a job that restricted her creativity to become a high-income freelancer. Now, she’s here to inspire and support people like you who dream of breaking free from the constraints of a fixed schedule at the LLMP.

Matteo Carta

Marketing Director
He is the director of the Marketing Department for the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program, his job is to share the learnings he has acquired from his extensive experience as a freelance social media manager.

His mission is to guide our students through the complex landscape of social media and content creation to help them scale their freelance careers. Also, when he's not working, he enjoys creating art and strolling along the beach.

Rebecca Mac Donald

Online Business Manager
She transitioned from working in the beauty industry to becoming a kickass Virtual Assistant, just because she desired flexibility and remote work. 

Her journey took her from Spain and Rome to eventually settling in Singapore, where she found her perfect fit with Jet, as an EA/OBM. She enjoys contributing to the team's success and indulges in creative projects, time with animals, and planning future travel adventures when not working.

Renske Goedhart

JVW Agency Director
She is the Director at JVW Agency. She works closely with coaches, keynote speakers, consultants, and course creators, utilizing Jet’s proven success formula to enhance their Instagram presence and drive business growth. 

And she teaches the same to the learners of LLMP.

She truly lives the laptop lifestyle and is a jungle girl at heart. As an avid scuba diver, she enjoys spending her downtime submerged in the ocean.


Website Expert
He is super talented and a dedicated Website and Graphics Designer for e-commerce stores. He has a background in traditional visual art, which helped him evolve into a skilled graphic designer and web developer. 

Today, he manages a small creative agency where he also coaches aspiring web designers and developers.

In his spare time, he enjoys singing karaoke, even if it's just for fun.

Jeah Tradio

FB ads Expert
She started her career as a social media marketer during the pandemic. 

Over the years, she has grown at godspeed, assisting 40+ business owners globally in optimizing their online presence by crafting engaging content and running high converting Meta ads successfully.

In her free time, she likes being a Swiftie, binge-watching K-dramas, and savoring sweets brings her joy.


Video editor + Youtube expert
He is an extreme professional, who has done video editing for popular figures like Alex Hormozi, Sam Ovens, Andrew Kirby, and of course Jet!

He specializes in growing YouTube channels and helping business owners build an audience, and use that audience to promote their products and services. He is currently the main content specialist for Jet, helping her with all things YouTube and certain types of content for her Instagram pages.

What makes the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program stand out?

Private Chat with Coaches

At LLMP you will get personalized guidance and feedback directly from our experienced coaches, and that’s not all. During your coaching time, you'll have exclusive access to private chat sessions, ensuring you receive the tailored advice and motivation you need to succeed.

Expert Insights on Demand

Our program will connect you with a diverse team of experts, each specializing in different aspects of freelancing. Whether you have questions about freelancing, skills, or client acquisition, you'll find the answers you need from professionals who know the industry inside and out.

Proven Freelance Roadmap

At LLMP we have created a proven freelance roadmap that has helped 2324+ people to become successful freelancers. From setting up your freelance business foundation to landing high-paying clients, we cover everything you need to know to build a thriving freelance career from A to Z.

Portfolio-Building Assignments

You will engage in practical assignments designed to build your portfolio and prepare you for real client work. These hands-on tasks not only enhance your skills but also give you proven results to showcase your capabilities like a pro.

Bonus: Premium Workshops

Regular workshops with global experts. Usually, these would cost you extra but we make sure our students get the best education-at the most affordable prices! Catch these workshops live for accountability - or do them at your own pace.

Q&As with Coaches

What’s better than learning from the best? You will have direct interaction with our coaches during our premium Q&A calls, available during your coaching period. Ask the questions that are keeping you stuck, and we will answer them to help you out.

Lifetime Community Access

At LLMP we have created a proven freelance roadmap that has helped 2324+ people to become successful freelancers. From setting up your freelance business foundation to landing high-paying clients, we cover everything you need to know to build a thriving freelance career from A to Z.

Things you should know about the Laptop Lifestyle Mastery Program


It’s a Group Coaching Program

At the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program, we specialize in group coaching, rather than 1:1 Coaching Calls to provide a dynamic learning environment where students can collaborate, learn from each other, and grow together.


Results in just 90 days

Our program is proven to work within 90 days as long as our students put in the required work.

If you do exactly as the program teaches you and follow our roadmap religiously then you will land a high-paying client within 90 days.


You won’t make money overnight

Understand that working as a digital freelancer and making money in the digital marketplace doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time, constant effort, dedication, and most importantly a growth mindset. We're ready to support you every step of the way, whether you're a beginner or looking to take your freelance business to the next level.


Lifetime access to our program

When you enroll in the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program, you gain lifetime access to our video modules, resources, and future updates. We're committed to ensuring that you always have the latest tools and techniques at your fingertips, so you can stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital marketing industry.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing has become essential for businesses in today's world, but what exactly it is?
In simple words, It’s an ocean comprising a wide range of strategies and techniques aimed at promoting products, services, or brands through digital channels such as social media, email, and search engines. 
In today's digital age, building a successful business of all sizes requires a strong online presence and digital marketing helps you with the same.


Trending digital strategies

To stay ahead of the competition in the digital space one has to stay updated. The reason we at LLMP are always up to date in the digital marketing industry.So that you can also be prepared to work as an expert digital marketer. Our program covers everything from the fundamentals of digital marketing to in-demand advanced strategies and tactics, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

The program is
Application Only

We're Selective for a Reason

To keep our high student success rate, we only accept a limited number of members at a time. We also screen applicants to make sure they're committed and ready to do the work, like completing assignments and attending coaching calls. 

You can schedule a 15-minute intake session with one of our coaches to see if you’re a good fit and to discuss the next steps.

Step towards Laptop-Lifestyle
Step 01

You book an intake session (15 minutes)

To take the first step you find a time in our Calendly & book your intake session/speed date. We will confirm the call with you via IG and WhatsApp. During this first chat we will filter out who's serious, if you are real and not a robot and if high ticket freelancing could be the right fit for you. If we are both enthusiastic at the end of the call, awesome! We will tell you all about the next step; hopping on a second and longer roadmap session/strategy session with one of our coaches.

Step towards Laptop-Lifestyle
Step 02

We have an in depth consultation call

Again, we confirm this call via IG and WhatsApp. In this call it's all about YOU. How can we help you best and what are things that you need from a coaching program?
Furthermore we will show you the inside of our program and community LIVE on the call and answer any of your questions. So make sure to bring your notebook to this one! If we for whatever reason decide that it's not the right time to work together, we will send you off with some resources.

Step towards Laptop-Lifestyle
Step 03

If it's a match let's get started!

We will discuss when it's the best time to get started and onboard you You will get access right away to the course platform, community and we will show you what your first steps are.

Step towards Laptop-Lifestyle
Step 04

Learning starts!

Woohooo welcome to the LLMP Community! ✨Now it's time to get your hands dirty. You can start going through the modules, book your first Kick-Off call with our coaches and start working on the assignments. Throughout the program you will have different workshop sessions to make sure you're on the right track.
You will be in 2 chat channels 1. Is your private coaching area where you can privately speak with our coaches, this is where you get feedback on assignments and where we will ask you for your progress and politely kick your ass from time to time. 2. You will be in the community with many diverse chats where you can ask all your questions.

Step towards Laptop-Lifestyle
Step 05

Coaching by Experts

We have 4-6 different LIVE calls weekly that you can attend. On these calls you can ask any questions to the coaching team. We also have some live masterclasses about specific topics to make sure we are always up to date with the latest trends and tools.

Step towards Laptop-Lifestyle
Step 06

Get your LLMP Certificate

When you successfully complete the assignments and set up your business you will receive our course certificate! This showcases that you now have all the fundamental things in place to run your business. You are now ready to start working with clients all over the world.

Step towards Laptop-Lifestyle
Step 07

Become a High-Ticket Freelancer

We offer all the tools and strategies you need to generate leads and work with your dream clients. Next to generating the leads, we also show you how to acquire them as clients and make agreements with them. Once you have landed your first client, we have all things in place for you to deliver them a world class experience and service. So they will stay with you long term and become a raving fan!

Now you're beginning to gain true time and location freedom!

Listen to What Our Students Say!

Thousands of success stories, and still counting!

From the start, I did a 7 Days mindset challenge and the whole mindset has been the biggest change for me. I didn't expect to be so focused on my goals...

Ingeborg Benders
Hit $5-9K Months...

Happy faces of the LLMP Graduates

You could be the next, all you have to do is take action and we'll help you become a high-income freelancer in just 90 days.

Chanel & Mayla
Lotte & Emilie
Ruby Mak

Firsts are always special!
Students who got their #firstclient


Got Any Questions?

What is LLMP

LLMP stands for the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program. It’s a 3-month business coaching program for new entrepreneurs who want to live the laptop lifestyle while building a long term online business. We help you lay the foundations so you can grow towards a 6 figure business while getting time, location and financial freedom.

Is this for me?

If you’re a new entrepreneur who wants to work from their laptop, be location-independent, and build something online, then this program is for you (especially if you want to make a nice income for yourself while doing so!)

Can I get a refund?

Our program is designed to empower you to take immediate action. Commit to putting in the effort, and we aim for you to see results within the first 90 days – that's our game plan!

Our 'better than money back guarantee' is here to support you until you secure your first client. But it relies on your proactive engagement and dedication to the program's essential steps.

Your success is our priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way! 🌟💪

How do I get started?

Book a FREE strategy session with us! The Laptop Lifestyle Master Program is one of the most prestigious online business schools. Weekly, over 50 students apply but we can only accept 7 of them. That’s why we qualify you over a short call, to see whether you have the right motivation to build your business.

How do we get clients?

The Laptop Lifestyle Master Program guides you through a comprehensive learning journey, systematically progressing through each phase to absorb knowledge and skills. 🧠💡 

Crafted meticulously, our group coaching program provides structured guidance, acting as your tool for mastering essential concepts, refining skills, and preparing for success in the world of online business!

Do I get lifetime access?

YES! You get lifetime access to the materials and membership site as we continue to update it weekly if not daily. Furthermore, you are welcome to stay in the discord community so even after the 12 weeks you can still ask anything. We value community very highly!

Can I start LLMP with 0 skills?

100% YES!⁣ ⁣ Why? Because when I started I had 0 skills and didn’t know anything. My program is designed to bring anyone (17 years old or 67 years old) from zero to hero in the freelance space. ⁣ ⁣ We start with the foundations, go into branding, digital skills, practising, your offer, lead gen and create your very own portfolio!

Do I need Instagram followers to start?

You don’t need Instagram followers or prior experience to work online. ⁣ ⁣ Too many people still think that working online means being an influencer, and don’t realize that it doesn’t work like that at all. ⁣ ⁣ You do need something called Digital Skills. ⁣

How can I start if I can't invest in myself?

I’m(Jet) in the business of changing LIVES! And I never want money to be a reason why I can’t help you. If there’s a will, there’s always a way! No excuse! Take action to see results. 💪 We have payment plans available, a community program you could join and happy to think with you in how we CAN make it happen!

When does my 1:1 chat server support finish?

The 1:1 server support chat ends after the initial 90 days, but you can extend it for an extra month if you'd like. It's a great way to get personalized support whenever you need it! 🚀✨

Why work with a coach vs figuring it out myself?

Why should I get a business coach if I can just do it myself? Think of the internet as a library. Hypothetically the information is out there. You could find what you need if you wanted to but that is going to take A LOT of time. For example, when you walk into a library, the books are all there. But it takes a lot of time to find the exact book.

Once you find the right book, what chapter do you turn to? As a coach, I’m the LIBRARIAN. I know exactly which chapter from which books will work. And how to apply it. Because in my 8 years of experience, I’ve read and tried most. Doing it without me as a coach (aka librarian in a library) you are going to waste a lot of time. Make a lot of useless mistakes. Struggle more to try things. And in the end > your time = is worth the money.

So, you are more than welcome to search through all bookcases > bookshelves > book categories > books > chapters > trial > waste time > maybe succeed maybe fail. Or, you can get a librarian to tell you where to find exactly what you need.

Still have questions?

Questions? Get Help