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Discover The Laptop Lifestyle With Jet

Build an Online Income Doing What You Love, When You Want. On Your Own Terms.

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Master Digital Marketing with Jet

With her expert advice and unmatched skills in the world of digital marketing, Jet offers various programmes and services for freelancers and business owners.

For Newbies

Laptop Lifestyle Master Program

Jet's signature high-ticket freelancing program - Application Only!

For Biz Owners

Coaching Mastermind

Launching a premium community for the TOP 1% ONLY.

For Biz Owners

Agency Accelerator

For Freelancers and Agency Owners who are ready for scale and grow like never before.

For Biz Owners

JVW Agency

Discover our Done-For-You digital marketing strategies for coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs & consultants


I'm Jet

Once an influencer turned into a 7-figure business coach, on a mission to help individuals caught in the 9-5 grind to transform into High Ticket Freelancers.

I have been a 2CC Award Winner, representing sales over $1,000,000

I have been freelancing for the last 7 years, scaled my agency successfully for 5 years.

I have trained 2342+ people to become high-income freelancers so far.

I have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Rhonda Swan and Bastiaan Slot.

And in my freetime I enjoy horseriding as a real Frisian girl.

Ready to become a high-income freelancer?
I can help.

Jet is a 2CC Award Winner.

This is awarded to ClickFunnels users who generate a verified MILLION DOLLARS in sales.

A High-Impact Network

Discover the power of community with Jet's signature programs designed to build high-income freelancers.


Delivered a TEDx talk in the Philippines titled "How Influencers Suffer from Conformity," discussing how social media affects our brain.

Highly sought after Speaker

Book Jet for Your Next Event and see her inspire.

Hybrid Advertising

Jet spoke at Adcon UK, presenting her talk "Hybrid Advertising" and sharing the stage with industry leaders like Steven Bartlett.

featured in ADCON, 2024.

Jet Spoke at Adcon Alongside Industry Giants, Unveiling Her Secret Hybrid Marketing Strategies

Jet shared the stage with speakers like Ali Abdaal, Steven Bartlett, and some other top names in the field of digital entrepreneurship to teach her signature strategies.

"Jet stands out as a remarkable marketer and speaker. Her deep market insight, ability to connect with audiences, and deliver an eloquent presentation make her a unique speaker and thought-leader in marketing.”

Rhonda Swan

CEO, Best Selling Author

"Jet's marketing expertise is unmatched. With her laser-focused determination and visionary leadership, she consistently achieves remarkable results. Her ability to inspire and guide her team exemplifies true leadership in action."

Bastiaan Slot

Founder of

I recently had the opportunity to bring Jet to the stage at the AdCon Marketing Conference held in London. She absolutely rocked! When a speaker has the ability to keep the crowd engaged while delivering tons of value, I take notice. And that's exactly what Jet did during her talk on hybrid advertising. She has great marketing knowledge and is definitely a speaker I would love to share the stage with again.

Devon Brown

World's #1 Event MC

Introducing Our Signature program!

Laptop Lifestyle Master Program

Imagine making $3,000 to $5,000 monthly, working from anywhere on your laptop using proven frameworks, strategies, and DFY templates.

Well, we can help turn this imagination into a reality in just 90 days.

Here's what our students say...

Laptop Lifestyle Master Program is coaching program designed for Your Success- not just a simple "course." Which is why everyday, we see stories like these!

I got a digital marketing manager job with legit one of my top 5 dream clients (like ultimate vision board clients). I am beyond stoked.My main takeaway from this was honestly progress over perfection. If I compared their account to my experience, I could've easily talked myself out of applying. But I went for it and they coincidentally were hiring. The message here is to absolutely go after your dream clients and reach out personally as you never know where they are at in their journey. No one is too far away and you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.


Just landed a client for a branding project using the video strategy!

Her words: "I was overflowed with offers from all sides on my job post and am struggling my way through.

It was a surprise that there was someone among them with a nice video" - proof that the video strategy works!


In December, I was earning $4000USD per month. But that proved to be too much freelance hours when I was working full time.

And then things got busy at work so I scaled back (temporarily) to just one client at$1000 month.So, the lower pay is my choice. I could still be earning $4000 USD per month since all my clients were happy with me.


Thanks @CEO - Jet i am on it!

Just landed my 3th client and i am now fully booked. Not taking any more so i can learn on the job. I now have a revenue of 6K per month for def the next 6 months.

Beyond excited and starting to get the confidence i can do this. But happy i can speak with you tonight @Head Coach -Bianca


I just landed my first beta client! I will be helping a small startup mortgage or insurance field services recruiting company set up its brand.

To start, I'll be creating a brand board + set up their Linkedin account, as well as developing 4 welcome emails for each of their 4 audience segments.


Jet!! I'm freaking out!! I just had an interview for a Copywriting position and it looks like, (confirmed tomorrow for our 2nd interview) they are offering me the position! $3000 per month to start! Writing and proof reading for Ad Copy for Funnels they create!! AHHH!! We are meeting again tomorrow, to go over everything. If I get this, I also have two high paying clients for my high ticket offer, this means I would be able to leave my nursing job!!! SO grateful for you and this course!!


My own business is doing well! I want to change it soon and go for a new name / brand identity with the experience I have now.

I currently have 3 regular customers and many shorter projects in between. I make about €3000 a month.


Signed my first client on a high ticket package of $3.6k per month (his OG budget was 2k).

I can't believe how soon after quitting my previous job l've managed to land this dream project.

Thank you for every word of encouragement from people on this course, the calls and, of course @CEO - Jet and @Support Coach - Sidonie


Also, just wanted to sent you a big Thank You on this Monday morning, I just noticed that I hitted 7500euro's in earnings for this month (May)!

Crazy feeling.

Never expected to be able to do this and now it just happened, in one of my first months of being a freelancer.


WIN! The caravan lead signed the contract today! He will be my highest paying client.

Which actually doubles my monthly online marketing income!!! Woohooooo!

Nervous but excitedInching close to the 5k months!!


$10M+ in revenue generated by students

Some numbers we are proud to show off...

Because data is everything. We take 100% responsibility of our students and clients, which is why you get results like these!

Made by Clients
Student Revenue
Students Served
Co Author of a Bestselling Book

Read Jet's Chapter...

In this book, Jet explores Intuition and looking beyond data, and numbers to prioritize what's really important. Catch her chapter in 'Women Gone Wild : The Feminine Guide to Fearless Living'.

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We love the Laptop Lifestyle!

Discover a world of financial freedom, at your own terms - with Jet's Signature Program.

Comprehensive Access

Access to the Skills Vault: Includes over 220 hours of video content, regularly updated, covering a wide array of topics essential for online success. Topics include social media management, digital marketing strategies, mindset development, augmented reality, and more.

Specialized Learning Modules

  • 6 Video Modules + Bonus Module: Over 22 hours of video content created by Jet and the coaches, offering deep dives into various critical areas.
  • Worksheets and Templates: Provided to facilitate skill practice and application within freelance businesses, ensuring immediate implementation and results.

Personalized Support

  • 90 Days of 1:1 Support: Private chat access with coaches, fostering a supportive environment through personalized questions and feedback
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls: 4-6 group coaching calls per week, each focusing on different topics such as niche selection, general queries, delivery, content creation, lead generation, sales, and more.
  • Done-with-You-Coaching: Includes support calls, workshops, and feedback sessions where coaches provide direct feedback on student assignments

Community & Ongoing Learning

  • Lifetime Access to Training Materials: Ensures that all content and resources remain available to you indefinitely.
  • Lifetime Access to Community: Engage with peers and coaches through our dedicated Discord channels
  • Exclusive Masterclasses by experts: Special sessions featuring experts in different fields, offering unique insights and advanced strategies.

Join LLMP Today

Online Video Program:
Custom-created videos by Jet and the coaches.

Coaching Program:
Intimate workshop sessions.

Comprehensive Resources:
All Necessary Templates, Swipe Files, and Assets shared to support your journey.

1:1 Chat Support:
Direct, personalized guidance from experienced coaches.

Weekly Coaching Calls:
Regular opportunities to ask questions and receive guidance.

Lifetime Community Access:
Stay connected and continue learning within a supportive community.


Your most commonly asked questions- answered.

Can I start with LLMP without experience?

100% YES!⁣ ⁣Why? Because when I started I had 0 skills and didn’t know anything. My program is designed to bring anyone (17 years old or 67 years old) from zero to hero in the freelance space. ⁣ We start with the foundations, go into branding, digital skills, practicing, your offer, lead gen and create your very own portfolio!

What types of jobs are suitable for the laptop lifestyle?

Digital marketers, graphic designers, freelance writers, software developers, virtual assistants, and online teachers are just a few of our students. The aim is to charge $5k+ per client, so you can live a truly RICH life. Not just financially- but experientially as well.

How can I work with Jet and get her professional digital marketing help?

If you're ready to elevate your digital marketing game, working with Jet at JVW Agency is the way to go. We help Coaches, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, and Course Creators like you develop winning Digital Marketing Strategies that attract followers and turn them into high-paying clients. Just reach out to us through our contact page, and we'll set up an initial consultation to dive into your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

What is the Coaching Mastermind about?

The Coaching Mastermind is Jet’s exclusive annual 1-on-1 mentorship program for existing business owners. 

Jet and her team offer hands-on mentorship to help you build a sustainable 7-figure coaching business that can operate and grow independently, following a custom roadmap tailored specifically for you.

In this program, we’ll focus on scaling your business to 7-figures and becoming the top choice in your industry as quickly as possible. You'll gain exclusive access to our team, products, systems, and processes, along with 1-on-1 mentorship from Jet, a community of achievers, events, and much more.

What services does JVW Agency offer? 

We offer a wide range of marketing & sales services including social media management, hybrid marketing, appointment setters, web design, and email marketing, 

What topics is Jet speaking about?

Jet tackles several topics such as everything Marketing, Millionaire Mindset, Woman in Business, the Influencer Industry, Life Design and more.

Why work with a coach vs figuring it out myself?

Why should I get a business coach if I can just do it myself? Think of the internet as a library. Hypothetically the information is out there. You could find what you need if you wanted to but that is going to take A LOT of time. For example, when you walk into a library, the books are all there. But it takes a lot of time to find the exact book.

Once you find the right book, what chapter do you turn to? As a coach, I’m the LIBRARIAN. I know exactly which chapter from which books will work. And how to apply it. Because in my 8 years of experience, I’ve read and tried most. Doing it without me as a coach (aka librarian in a library) you are going to waste a lot of time. Make a lot of useless mistakes. Struggle more to try things. And in the end > your time = is worth the money.

So, you are more than welcome to search through all bookcases > bookshelves > book categories > books > chapters > trial > waste time > maybe succeed maybe fail. Or, you can get a librarian to tell you where to find exactly what you need.

Still have questions?

Ready to Crush It as a High-Ticket Freelancer?

Transform your career with the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program! Whether you're a digital marketer, graphic designer, freelance writer, software developer, virtual assistant, or online teacher, we've got the tools to help you charge $5k+ per client and live your best life—financially and experientially.

Don’t wait to level up. Click below to join the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program and start dominating your industry today!

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