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Impersonation Scam Alert™ and Laptop Lifestyle Master™

We have been alerted to the presence of impersonators fraudulently claiming to be me or representing my organization.

These persons are exploiting the reputation of a trusted business entity and my laptop lifestyle master™ brand that has been built over the years. Their purpose is to deceive individuals online and scam them.

Please be alert and always verify the authenticity of any communications seemingly coming from jetvanwijk.Com™.

It is important to note that approaching someone under a false identity may already be considered a criminal act.

If you are approached by someone claiming to be me or from my team under suspicious circumstances, report the incident immediately on the platform where the contact occurred. Additionally, we advise you to file a report with your local police station.

Our organization prides itself on a careful selection process. Rest assured that any legitimate onboarding will involve a personalized zoom call with me or a designated employee. Following these steps during our diligent onboarding process ensures the integrity of our services.

Please be aware that we will never reach out via private messages for any business dealings or requests.

Our communications are conducted exclusively through our official channels to maintain transparency and security.

For your safety and to prevent any confusion, here is a list of my official channels and social media accounts:



  • https://www.Instagram.Com/jetvanwijkx/
  • https://www.Instagram.Com/laptoplifestylemaster/


  • https://www.Instagram.Com/jettalks/
  • https://www.Instagram.Com/freelancingfemale/
  • https://www.Facebook.Com/marjet.Vanwijk
  • https://www.Linkedin.Com/in/marjetvanwijk/
  • tiktok.Com/discover/jetvanwijkx
Website & Funnels:
  • https://jetvanwijk.Com/
  • https://laptoplifestylemaster.Com/
Official Support Emails:
  • support@laptoplifestylemaster.Com
  • support@settersgroup.Com

Please note:
  1. If anyone messaged you from any other accounts, it is not us. And you shouldn’t transfer them any money.
  2. We don’t do any crypto, trading, investing, real estate.
  3. We sell courses on freelancing and digital marketing skills.
  4. Which again will always be either via our official websites as listed above or live on a call with our team via official invoices.
  5. If any accounts other than the official accounts stating above reach out to you, please report them via the platform and block them immediately.

By adhering to these guidelines and remaining cautious, you can help safeguard yourself against online scams.

Remember, your security is very important to me, and my team and I are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all our communications and interactions.